Should EU relations with Turkey become a common subject of Polish-German talks?


In the latest installment of the German-Polish European Blog, we recommend you to look at the Polish and German views on relations with Turkey - one of the largest and most important neighbors of the EU and significant players in the field of security that goes far beyond the borders of Europe.

We invite you to read the texts of Konrad Zasztowt from the University of Warsaw and Günther Seufert from the think-tank of Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP), as well as Adam Balcer, EuropeWise Foreign Policy Project Manager’s introduction.

From the German perspective, the key issue in relations with Turkey is the question of democratic standards in Turkey itself and Turkish citizens living in Germany. Turkey is also a significant player in security policy and a decisive link in solving the migration crisis. In Warsaw's optics, the most important issue remains the attitude of Turkey and Russia and its impact on relations with Ukraine. It is worth taking a closer look at the areas of common and different interests towards Turkey, for better cooperation in shaping a coherent EU policy towards this problematic and at the same time important for many reasons neighbor.