Reorganization of Polish Judiciary System vs. European Union


We kindly invite our readers to get acquainted with the new articles published on the German-Polish European Blog. This time, Michał Kuź, an expert on international relations at the Jagiellonian Club discusses the issue of law-abidingness in Polish judiciary system, while from the German perspective, Floris Biskamp, a lecturer in the Department of Political Science at the University of Kassel indicates to the role that the European Commission’s symbolic gestures could play in the emerging conflict.

The political situation in Poland is under European institutions’ careful observation since PiS (Law and Justice) came to power in 2015. Lately, the particular attention has been paid to the changes implemented in judiciary system and their influence on law-abidingness in Poland.

Which steps have been and still can be taken by the European Commission towards the increasing number of member states, which turn their backs from the liberal democracy? Are the symbolic gestures powerful enough to affect the actions taken by populist governments? How could the situation in Poland and its reception in Brussels be related to other countries such as Hungary? The texts by Michał Kuź and Floris Biskamp, as well as Adam Balcer, EuropeWise Foreign Policy Project Manager’s introduction attempt to answer those and many other questions on the German-Polish European Blog.