Sexual and Reproductive Rights

Women’s bodies have regularly been – and still are – the central target of conservative and fundamentalist ideology and praxis. This essay provides analytical background information for critical and controversial debates and motivation to explore political intervention.


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Overcoming Gender Backlash

We are honoured to present conference materials of the Second International Gender Workshop "Overcoming Gender Backlash: Experiences of Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Georgia, Armenia and Poland" organized and hosted by the Kyiv office in October 2013. In this publication you shall find analyses focused on gender education, LGBT issues, as well as sexual and reproductive health and rights of women in the respective countries.


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Gender Democracy

The issues addressed by feminist movements are all political. Reproductive and sexual rights, violence against women, including sexual violence, sexism in media and advertisements, gender stereotypes, unpaid female work, trafficking of women, herstory – these are some of the topics and issues that appeared in public debate after 1989 thanks to feminists. Our analyses and publications, conferences and debates, develop and strengthen feminist discourse in Central and Eastern Europe.

Beijing + 20 - Dossier about actions for women's empowerment