Green Visions for Local Governance

green city / susainable urban policies

12th - 13th September 2014 (Friday and Saturday)
Bobrowiecka 9 street, Warsaw, Poland

Green European Foundation, Green Zone Foundation and  Heinrich Böll Foundation
are honoured to invite you to attend the European Conference “Green Visions for Local Governance"

Guest speakers: 
Eric Piolle  (mayor of Grenoble, France) - green project for Grenoble 
Monika Vana   (eurodeputy, Greens/EFA) - housing policy and poverty exclusion
Michael Cramer (eurodeputy, Greens/EFA) - transport and mobility
Tamás Meszerics (eurodeputy, Greens/EFA) - green vision in Hungary
Darren Johnson (coucillor of London) -  housing policy
Anna Grodzka - economic aspects of green local policy
prof. dr arch. Magdalena Staniszkis  and Krzysztof Nawratek - spatial planning

The message of the conference:      

 “Think globally, act locally"- During the conference we will focus on current socio-political and environmental challenges so as to discuss possible measures that are applicable both on a local and global level. A green vision of the world provides answers and indicates methods by which enormous challenges can be addressed in  cities, towns and regions according to principles of sustainable development. 

Our goals:

The main goal of the Congress is to apply the Green New Deal concept to local governance and practice. We will show how the green vision of public transport and mobility, health care, education, spatial management, energy policy, biodiversity protection, citizens’ participation contribute to local policies and improvement of living standards. Therefore, the conference is envisioned as a platform for presenting particular cases of selected European cities with Green political representation and the best practices of green governance at the local level.

Project realized with the financial support of the European Parliament  to the Green European Foundation.

The Conference consists of plenary sessions (max 200 people),  workshops/debates (max 50 people) and "Let’s talk" roundtables (max 10 people). 

At "Let’s talk" roundtables all participants will exchange ideas and knowledge on a given topic. Workshops will enable them give opportunity to listen to guest speakers and have an open discussion, as well as to work in small groups. 

Plenary sessions will be translated simultaneously, workshops and "Let’s talk" roundtables will be translated consecutively (if necessary).

While registering for the  Conference please fill out the form to register for  workshops/debates and "Let’s talk" roundtables.   


Livestreaming and conference materials: